Silent operation, incredibly accurate feedback, and completely scalable designs. We created these with you in mind.

Using our patented electromagnetic technology, we’ve created actuators that are silent and free of any mechanical backlash.

By using static and generated magnetic fields, our devices provide a low-voltage, direct-drive solution to force feedback motion control applications.

Using an array of hall effect sensors, our actuators monitor and control force outputs extremely accurately without the addition of complex external sensors.

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  • Magknetix™ linear actuators are designed for silent, smooth, and fast force control at any travel length.
  • Virtually silent operation (<20dBA) makes Magknetix™ actuators one of the quietest motor technologies available.
  • kHz range response enabling vibrations and rapid motions that aren’t available in alternative linear force solutions.
  • Magknetix™ allows for smooth and linear force output while at a sustained stall or while being back driven without the need of complicated & expensive external load cell force sensors.
  • Minimum force accuracy of ±17g (0.16N) and positional accuracy of ±0.00725mm (7μm or 0.00028”), results in some of the highest resolution force feedback available.



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Motion Control

Stabilization Platforms

Industrial Controls


Medical Devices

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